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Bhanu Jayanti: Thank You And A Survey

Dear DC Nepali community members and leaders of various organizations,

I would like to thank everyone for coming to the Bhanu Jayanti program last Sunday and making this program a grand success, despite rain. I would also like to thank all International Nepali Literary Society (INLS) members for trusting me to be INLS President for the term 2002-03. For those community members who could not make it to the program, please visit http://www.nepalipost.com for brief news coverage. The news coverage includes names of our new executive committee officers. Thanks also to NepaliPost.Com for covering the program as well as to Nepalhorizons.com, Sagarmatha T.V, Radio Dovaan and NYO for distributing the announcement messages. Six teams participated on this year’s Bhnau Bhakta Memorial Volleyball competition. BANA Team from Baltimore, MD became first by defeating the Kaligandaki Team from Virginia. Congratulations to BANA Team, Baltimore. Each player from the champion and defending champion teams received certificates and cups. Thanks to Kaligandaki Entertainment for conducting informal singing/dancing program at the end.

In addition to usual activities on Bhanu Jayanti, most of the Presidents of DC area community organizations spoke at the program and expressed a need for well-run Nepali language classes (Nepali Bhasa Padsala) in our community as well as their desire to support the effort. As a new President of INLS, I am starting a campaign to ask for formal support from interested community organizations as well as community members to work together to make this project successful.

Although INLS had a proposal for running Nepali language classes in the community for a year now, we were not able to implement it because of lack of volunteers, funding and other logistics. INLS ran two half hour Nepali language classes at the Kids Camp during the DC 2002 ANA Convention successfully. Also, I am encouraged by support shown by some local DC organizations for this effort at Bhanu Jayanti event and feel that together we can make it happen. Let’s create a model for other communities to use for teaching Nepali language to our kids and American friends. We can gradually expand this to teach Nepali literature to new poets and writers.

At this time, I would like to simply request each interested organization to send us a formal e-mail with your contact information at the following address if you would like to collaborate on this effort:


I would also like to request each community members to send e-mail to above address if they would consider enrolling their kids to Nepali language class once a week for couple of hours. Please mention age of your children and your location. Once we receive enough responses, along with interested local community organizations, we will work on preparing curriculum, syllabus, time table, instructors and securing convenient location to run the classes. Please mention if you are interested in volunteering for this project.

Thank you again for your support.

Puru Subedi
International Nepali Literary Society, Washington D.C.
Phone: (703) 815-1248

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