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Join Us In Congratulating SEBS

Dear community members,

International Nepali Literary Society (INLS), Washington D.C. extends its heartily congratulation to Society of Ex-Budhanilkantha Students (SEBS) and its North American Chapter (SEBS-NA) for wining a grant of $166,771.00 (Rs. 12.4 million) for it’s Sustainable “Doko Dai” Mobile Library Project from the World Bank. According to SEBS, the main objective of the project is to raise literacy rates of children and increase employment opportunities for villagers in Nepal’s remote mountainous areas by using a traditional distribution network (Doko Dai) to bring books and educational materials.

SEBS-NA is an Institutional member of INLS Nepali Education Advisory Council of Institutions and Individuals Board. We would like to thank SEBS-NA for serving on the advisory council and providing valuable advise, support and financial contribution to INLS World Wide Nepali Education Program (http://www.inls.org/index.php?sect=others&action=projects). We wish them all the success for their Sustainable “Doko Dai” Mobile Library Project in Nepal.

News about the World Bank Award: http://www.sebsonline.org/news/news_view.aspx?id=209

More information about the Doko Dai project:


Please join us in congratulating the team by sending an e-mail to sebsna@sebsonline.org

Puru Subedi
President, INLS



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