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Result Of INLS HQ President And Vice President Election (03/17/05)

Dear INLS members and well-wishers:

It is our pleasure to announce that a mid term election of INLS is completed. We received only one omination for each of the vacant position of the President and Vice President. Hereby, we announce Mr. Mohan Sitoula (US) and Mr. Kumar Basnet (Japan) elected to the position of the President and Vice President of INLS Headquarter until the election held in July 2006. INLS Board of Trustees has extended invitation to both qualified newly elected officials to resume new responsibility. You can join us in congratulating and welcoming them to INLS HQ by sending an email to president@inls.org and vice-president@inls.org.

INLS HQ Election Committee

Suman R Timsina

Sunu Pratap KC

Basu Satyal


News article from nepaljapan.com.

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