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Unity For Identity – INLS Institutional Life Membership Exchange Program

Dear Nepali community organizations,

International Nepali Literary Society (INLS), Washington D.C. has just released an Institutional Life Membership Exchange Program to unite/link other sister organizations for collaborative work on keeping Nepali identity alive and vibrant in our communities. INLS will exchange Intuitional Life Membership with an organization in any part of world with following qualification at this time:


Legally registered with appropriate authority to conduct community activity in its region

Mission statement clearly states that its work benefits Nepali community

Benefits of Life Membership Exchange:


No money involved.

Exchange of Publications. To start, INLS will send NRN Special Issue of INSIGHT literary magazine to all new Institutional Life Members.

Right to Vote at each organization

Formal support and possible collaboration on each others projects

Publications cataloged at the “Library of Nepal” in Washington, D.C.

Access to INLS Global Network

Automatic Institutional Life Membership to a local chapter of INLS (if appropriate)

If your organization has above qualification and would like to exchange Life Membership with INLS, please send an e-mail to info@inls.org.

About INLS

International Nepali Literary Society is a non-profit, religious secular, apolitical and federally tax exempt membership based international organization registered in Washington DC in 1991. As an internationally established organization dedicated in promoting, preserving and creating awareness of Nepali languages, literature and culture through out the world, our mission is to uphold our excellent reputation and consistently exceed the expectation of Nepalis and friends of Nepal by providing significant encouragement for, and facilitating the process of learning, reading, writing, publishing, distributing cost efficient, high quality Nepalese literary works. More information about INLS could be found at http://www.inls.org

About INLS Global Network

International Nepali Literary Society (INLS) Headquarter, Washington D.C. has been expanding it’s horizons by starting activities to promote Nepali language, literature and culture across North America and other countries. We are taking a ‘chapter’ approach. It means we start different chapters in the Cities/States where Nepali population is growing and people are interested and agree with the mission of INLS. The Chapters work as focus group with other existing community organizations and utilize the resources on INLS Global Network of People of Nepali Origin.

Currently, INLS has 13 chapters worldwide including Japan, Russia, Belgium, Australia, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Bangaladesh and in various states of U.S. including Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Nebraska, Nevada and North Carolina. At this time we also have representatives in 7 other states in the US and 6 other countries. The representatives are working in establishing full fledge chapter in their respective areas. With this expansion, INLS Global Network has reached to 27 different regions around the globe. As the only prominent Nepali institution with such an expanded global network, INLS is actively working on its campaign of preserving Nepali Identity in the Diasporas. It may be recalled that INLS has recently put forward a 9 point proposal to all the Nepali communities around the globe with a slogan- “Lets Unite Every Community to Keep Nepali Identity Alive and Vibrant”.


Puru Subedi
International Nepali Literary Society (INLS),
Washington D.C.



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